Hi :)
My name is ,

I'm Dutch and
I love:

Being entrepreneur
At the moment I have an own company named Oscin in which I offer Web development and Internet Marketing services. Via this way I am able to assist companies in a variety of industries with their Internet Marketing strategy. It feels grateful to be able to do so. Besides Oscin, I also create and manage serveral concepts.

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I am that sort of guy that does wear Italian shoes, slim fit clothing and knows how to match colors. But hey, that's mainly where my work is also about!

It changed the way I look to the world and helped me to comprehend different cultures. Photography while travelling is surely one of my favorites.

I think it's really fascinating to explore the globe and experience a variety of cultures and beautiful nature. I've been in almost whole Europe, Thailand, and also USA.

Mostly 3 times a week. Depending the season I play Field Hockey (with my TK stick) otherwise I use my Brooks Running shoes to run 11,5km/u.

Internet Marketing
Just because it is profitable to have your website on the first position in Google. I'm really into all the aspects of Internet Marketing and love to generate valuable traffic to webpages.

I do love it so much that I mastered a lot of Web Development related techniques. To create state of the art websites I make use of PHP, MySQL, Jquery, CSS3, HTML5, .htaccess and a lot of time...

Please respect creativity and don't be a copycat. ty :)